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PostSubject: POETRY......   Fri Dec 05, 2008 8:30 am

Another day withers and the moon smiles and shines
Like your beauty radiates saying how can you ever be mine
No matter how many lifetimes pass still I'll be here waitng
If I meet eternity's end still for you I'll keep on going

A beauty that can never be defined by the sweetest lines nor words
A love that can't be cointained even professed to our dear Lord
Love. . .by me it's me with you and spending eternity with it
Though impossible I just hope you too can feel it

Every song I hear it describes how deep is my love for you
A love that even for me too blissful to be true
In this cruel world only in you can I find peace and serenity
In you my world revolves, My reality and my fantasy

This poem is just words not worthy enough to describe my love for you
A love that as cold and fresh like the morning dew
As far as my life's story goes on you are the sunshine the keeps it bright
and like the moon you radiate to make my dark full of light
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