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 BB5KING Modified boxes using UFS original, Clone or NO HWK

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PostSubject: BB5KING Modified boxes using UFS original, Clone or NO HWK   Wed Dec 10, 2008 7:52 am

UFS (and all his "clones") boxes was mede long time ago and currently is manufactured by more people/factories. Because of this situation, on end-user place can be find more variants of UFS boxes, some are better and some are not so good.

To ensure better work of UFS interface with BB5 King software, some conditions/requirements is needed:

1. UFS box firmware should be 208. If any of you not have this firmware inside their box, can easy upgrade to 208 following this steps:
- Download this soft:
- Install it
- After install plug your UFS device
- Start installed program
- At the left top select your ufs device and click connect
- An automatic prompt ask you if you want to upgrade your firmware
- Confirm it
(thanks to user Serjer for pointing to this software)

2. Some UFS manufacturers used one wrong IC chip. If still encounter errors on some phones, please open your UFS box and check with this picture info:

Sorry for any troubles created to our end-users, but our BB5 King team is not responsable of UFS boxes firmware updates and manufacture process.
Also, for better performance and to avoid communication errors, we still recomand to all our BB5 King users to use JAF interface, is more faster and more stable.

UFS clone or NOT HWK inside

If your UFS box not have an original HWK chipset attached, there still could be some errors in communications due to wrong updates of UFS firmware (let's call this "Saras/Odia clones paranoia").

So, for users with UFS boxes without original HWK chipset inside, follow this procedure to ensure right firmware update:

Step 1:
- Run UFS3Tool.exe (can download from here: http://www.bb5king.com/files/ufs3tools.exe)
- Plug your UFS box and click Connect button.
- Select "fw V2.6 (last)"
- Check (mark) Write Firmware, Write Eeprom and Write 93c46
- Click "Fix & Update" button

Step 2:
- Disconnect UFS box from USB cable and reconnect again
- Press Connect button
- Check (mark) ONLY Write Firmware
- Click "Fix & Update" button

You have a downgraded UFS box with v2.5 firmware now.

Step 3:
- To properly upgrade back to v2.6, run UFS_DCTxBB5.exe - DCTxBB5 TOOLS v.2.0.1. HWK by SarasSoft or higher, you can use either original or patched.
If you not have any of this installed, can download from here UFS Suite Setup v3.1:[url= http://www.bb5king.com/files/UFS_Suite_Setup_v3.1.zip] http://www.bb5king.com/files/UFS_Suite_Setup_v3.1.zip[/url]
- After started UFS_DCTxBB5 press Connect and on Warning Message choose YES.

Now, your UFS box firmware is properly upgraded and ready for use


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BB5KING Modified boxes using UFS original, Clone or NO HWK
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